10 things you need to know about me!

Ten things list

Welcome! This is the start of a new posting period on my blog. I have a game plan to post on something everyday this year to get into a writing rhythm. I hope you enjoy this journey I know I am.

Our first topic up for consideration is learning about me. Why me? Well this is my blog so it is good to get to know your host.

The ten things you need to know are:

  1. I am an Eagle Scout. I was the 50th Eagle in my troop, troop 63. I earned this rank when I was 17. I really loved my time in Scouting. I learned a lot and still follow the Scout Law as best I can, it is a good guide in life. Regrettably, I have nphad much to do with Scouting in recent years. I have political problems with them now. If I get involved with a scouting type organaization again it will be with Trail Life. Anyway, I value the time I spent in Scouts and all the many friends I made there.
  2. I have the heart of a teacher. I have taught most of my life. I started teaching in Scouts, sharing all the skills I had developed and making sure new boys learned these skills too. I found that I enjoyed teaching a lot. When I went to college I got a degree in teaching with specialiAtions in English and Social Studies. After graduating I began teaching in the local school system. I taught in middle school for a year and a half the moved to high school where I taught for several years. I found I was most passionate teaching British Literature to seniors. I felt it was my job to prepare them for college and life and took this seriously. I eventually left teaching to take a role in my family business.
  3. My parents founded a sign company the year I was born. It grew and changed over the years. I learned to answer the phone not as “Hello, Triplett family.” but rather in a professional manner in case it was a customer. In the early upyears we only had one line and it was the business line. We ran the business for 42 years but eventually shut it down. I learned some good lessons running a business. I also learned some hard lessons too.
  4. I love to have my own business. I started my own business many years ago. It was a internet Service Provider. I provided 28.8K dialup service. My internet connection was a dedicated line the had to be run from Charleston to my house. This was pricey. I had a few customers but some larger companies came to town that had bigger investments than I could bootstrap so I closed it down. This was tough. It was my baby. But it was better to stop while I had money than go broke. This was early in the life of the internet. I learned a lot here too.
  5. My current business affairs are diverse. I have an Amway independent business that I don’t do much with. I have learned a lot from this business over┬áthe years. I have learned lots of people skills and how to deal with problems that people have. Success in an MLM is had but rewarding. You really learn to care about people and how to teach them to run a proper business.
  6. My current business project is Elkhound Media. I am not doing much with it right now since I am in a physical therapy hospital but I have big plans for this. I plan to do consulting for websites, teach people how to blog, and develop business phone and tablet apps. You will certainly be hear ping more about this as the year progresses.
  7. I am finishing up a second Masters degree. I am attending Liberty University taking an online degree. I have a Masters degree in Discipleship and am finishing up a Masters in Christian Education. I only have two classes to go. Expect to see writings from class posted here more. I look forward to the theology discussions. I am also starting a program at Houston Baptist University that will lead to a doctorate. This degree will be in curriculum and instruction online education. As you can see I still have a passion to teach.
  8. I am getting divorced. My wife of ten years abandoned me in August of 2016. No details here but she has made it clear she wants a divorce so I am going to be doing that. I am hurt and disappointed but will be glad to be finished and free. I’ll land on my feet and find someone new and better. I’ll move on to new things and new areas.
  9. I am considering a move to the Nashville area of Tennessee. My sister is living there now and the whole area is growing fast. There are a lot of opportunities in Nashville. If I do it I will take a teaching job at either a public school or a university. I don’t know which it will be. I would welcome the challenge of teaching at the college level. There are a bunch of colleges in Nashville and Murfreesboro isn’t far away. No rush to make a decision I still have to improve my health first.
  10. The last thing I wanted to write about that you should know is that a am super geek. I have a passion for science fiction and fantasy. I will be reviewing books and games on here. Click my links when I do so so I’ll make a little commission. There are a few conventions I plan to go to as well. You can expect full reviews and day to day coverage while there. Maybe I’ll even post some writing in the genre for you to read.

So there are a few things you need to know about me. What should I know about you? What do you want me to write about? Let me know in the comments and I’ll tackle the topics.

Happy New Year!