Family-Integrated Model of youth program organization

My assignment was to write whether I agreed with this model based on the information supplied. The Info Supplied: Family-Integrated Model – “Proponents of family-integrated churches believe that ‘there is no scriptural pattern for comprehensive age-segregated discipleship, and that age-segregated practices are based on unbiblical, evolutionary and secular thinking which have invaded the church.’ . … Read more

Life as an open book

What would happen if you could read your life’s story? What if destiny was an open book for you? Would you dare read? You would see all the good and all the bad you would do in your life. What would the result be? Could you dare to change it? I know that in this … Read more

34 Flavors

Icecream. Yum. This post is about my favorite flavor. I am a simple guy I love strawberry. I know that many love chocolate but I do not care for it. Strawberry is where it is at. Followed closely by plain vanilla. I would have said my favorite is Cherry Garcia from Ben and Jerry’s but … Read more


The prompt for this one is to write about your greatest fear and what is in the room with you dealing with it. I am taking the title of the post seriously and wanted to write about the NSA scanning program. The NSA is acting as Big Brother and watching everything we do online. They … Read more

Teacher’s Pet

I didn’t start out as a teacher’s pet, early on I was a teacher’s pest. In second grade I was quite the hellion because I could get away with it. I had a cohort in crime – Heather Coburn. We were always doing something to Mrs. Ray. Mostly because we would finish our work early … Read more


Today’s writing prompt was to write about the last time I felt helpless and out of control of the situation. Well that is an easy one. I feel that way now. I have a tooth that is hurting a lot and I haven’t been able to get it fixed yet (although I have an appointment … Read more

My Favorite

I guess you would have to say my favorite person is my wife, Kelly; which is as it should be. The longest we have been apart actually happened the summer after we were married. I sent her to the Stamps-Baxter School of Music. This is a Southern Gospel training school that lasts three weeks. I … Read more

Call Me Ishmael

The storm broke. And so begins the adventures of the magician Pug. The author is Raymond E. Feist. This is my favorite book series. It recently came to an end. There are about 20 books in the series and I encourage you to read them all. On a side note, the storm has broken over … Read more