2017 – The Year in Review

Well another year has come and gone! It I should time to bid ado to 2017 and I’m glad to be done with it. I expect 2018 to be a much better year for me. I thought I would do a year in review article and then do a separate ‘What I expect from 2018’ article.

My 2017 year is pretty much a continuation and wrap up of my 2016 year. I spent most of the year stalled out and not making any progress in life. I spent most of 2017 still stuck in the nursing home dealing with my bad leg. I did finally get to come home October 31. I am grateful for Mom and Dad letting me come home. It would have been tough to have found an apartment and lived in my own. So one piece of advice I have for everyone is to never take your parents for granted!

Since I have come home I have been working hard on my rehab physical therapy exercises and and showing a lot of improvement. My bad knee is still hurting a lot so I am planning to make an appointment with Dr. Tao and get it checked. I understand that it takes a couple of years for a break to heal and quit hurting but mine hurts as much now as did when I broke it. I don’t think that is a good thing.

The only other event in my year that is worth mentioning is my divorce was final in May. I’m have mixed feeling about all that. I am disappointed that it happened but I am happier now. I didn’t realize how much I was being controlled, manipulated, and held back by my situation. I don’t think God’s will was done in this situation but I was left with no other option, in West Virginia you either participate in the proceeding or you get destroyed. I’m still dealing with the fallout and I will be for years.

I didn’t get as much writing done this year as I intended. I wanted to be well on my way to completing my first novel but I just didn’t have the motivation. I let my circumstance control my output. I’m not gonna let that happen in the future. I am going to do a lot of writing on my various blogs. I want to do more stuff here, get some recipes up on my cooking site, do some game reviews on my game site, and I want to launch my homeschool site where I plan to be doing lesson plans for science fiction, fantasy, and mythology.

I did a lot of stuff helping my sister with her computer projects. We have several things we want to do this coming year. More in the next post. We also decided to not do the Blog Camp Conference in 2018. It just wouldn’t have worked out with me still recovering, more on this in the goals of the next post.

My big accomplishment this year was reconnecting with a great friend. We had a huge heart to heart and let a let out that we had never said. Our friendship is stronger than ever and that is a great thing.

Well as you can see, not a perfect year by any means, but not a complete failure. I feel I am in a good position for next year. I have a lot of plans and goals to accomplish next year. I am looking forward to writing my next post – goal setting for the new year.

Stick around the best is yet to come!