2018 – The Best is Yet to Come

Wow! Hard to believe that 2017 is over and 2018 is here. 2017 was quite eventful for me as I wrote about yesterday. I am excited to be getting ready for the new year. I’m not making a list of resolutions this year because I never stick to them. I am going to do some planning and goal setting for this year and into 2019 amazingly enough.

First off I have some therapy goals for my leg and body. As most of you know I broke my leg back in 2016 and then spent 18 months in a physical therapy hospital. Well I got out in October and have been working on physical therapy ever since. I am much improved and getting to walk more and better distances daily. I am going to continue improving in that and get back to walking well. Along with this is going to be a trip to see Dr. Tao and see if the pain in my knee is simply arthritis or if there is still something else going on. I am excited about walking again. I am having to use a motorized wheelchair right now to get about and that hinders me going places and doing things because the chair seat is huge.

Along with my plan to walk again and tied directly to it is my continued and never ending quest to get to a healthier weight. I would like to lose at least at least a 100 to 150 pounds this year. That’s a big goal and one that I will be working on. I am eating much healthier now that I am home and not being forced to eat nursing home food. I am not snacking on bad foods and am getting proper nutrition now. At the nursing home it was just a massive carb fest!

I am wanting to get a little travel in this year. I don’t have anything I want to do till April which is go to Pigeon Forge , TN for a gospel concert. I have a room reserved but have not gotten tickets. I won’t get them till the last minute to make sure I can travel. If I can’t I’ll just cancel the hotel room without a problem. I would really like to make it to Pigeon Forge then as well as go in the fall for a weekend. The area is so beautiful with the fall foliage changing color on the mountain.

The other trip I want to do, and this would be my big trip for the year, is to go to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH in June. I haven’t been in several years and I love going and playing different games. There are a lot of new ones I would love to try out and get some experience with and then play here at home. I don’t plan to spend all my time in the Pathfinder room this year, I want to play a variety of games. I have some new ones I have gotten off Kickstarter that will be easier to learn if I have a pro teach me.

If I’m not ready to travel to Origins this year, which will make me sad, Hahaha, I’ll make plans for PAX Unplugged in November. PAX was in Philly last year and would be a fun trip. Most of the game vendors are going to this con now as well. Who knows, if I’m able maybe I’ll do both anyway.

I’d also like to go to Nashville this year a time or two. It would be nice to visit with my sister and brother-in-law and the nephews some. Lauramae and I have some planning to do as well. We decided to put off our Blog Camp Conference this year to 2019. Once summer comes we need to start planning this out really well. Everyone I’ve talked to says it takes a good solid year of planning to pull of a great conference. We want this to be a total blowout and a huge success. So we are going to put a lot of work into it. The conference is in Nashville on July 2019. I am really excited about it.

As far as writing this year, I have some lofty goals. I am going to consistently post here on my blog. I am shooting for a couple of times a week. I am also wanting to post once a week to my cooking site and my game site. A big focus is going to be the lesson plan site I am preparing. I want to have some good science fiction lesson plans on there for people to use and buy.

I am also wanting to make progress on the books I am writing. I have a novel I am working on, well two actually, and I need to get some work done on them. I also have a motivational book I am interested in writing. Finally, I want to do a how to book on setting up a WordPress site. This will probably be an ebook so I can update it occasionally.

On a personal level I want to be making progress on my eventual move to Nashville. That is still my goal. Lots of opportunity there. There are several Christian universities that I could work for and teach and be happy. Really there isn’t anything left in West Virginia holding me here.

I hope to spend some time with friends this coming year. Being in the nursing home left me feeling disconnected as people went about their lives. I really didn’t have many people visit. It will be good to go to the movies or out to dinner. I’m also planning to have people over once a month for dinner and games.

Maybe I’ll get out on a casual date or something. It would be nice to get back on the social scene a little. Not really looking for a long term anything but having someone to talk with and hangout with would be nice.

Well, that about covers the upcoming year. I’m sure I’ve forgotten stuff. But that’s the gist of my plans for the coming year. We will see how thing go. I’ll do a review of these plans at the end of the year.