40 Responses to Romans 8

romans 8

For class this week we had to write down 40 responses to reading Romans 8.

Here are my thoughts about what the chapter is saying:

  1. .That those that have received Christ are not condemned for their sins any longer.
  2. Christ has freed us from the law that says we must die for sin
  3. There was no way the Law could free us therefore God did.
  4. He condemned sin in the flesh as a man because men were condemned.
  5. He did this so that we would be fulfilled in the Law
  6. Christians walk in the spirit and no longer in the flesh which frees us
  7. I humans stay focused on the flesh they will die
  8. In the Spirit there is peace and life.
  9. A mind made up of solely the flesh cannot subject itself to God
  10. A fleshy minded person cannot please God
  11. Christians are not in the flesh we are in the spirit, it dwells within us.
  12. If someone doesn’t have the spirit he does not belong to Christ
  13. If we are indwelt with the Spirit then we are dead to sin and alive in Him
  14. If we have the spirit we are considered righteous
  15. If we have the spirit then our mortal bodies are alive and not dead as before
  16. We are under an obligation to not live as fleshy beings.
  17. For if we were still tied to the flesh we would ah veto die.
  18. In Christ only the body dies not the soul
  19. If we are being led by God we are the sons of god. Adopted into the family.
  20. We are not to live in fear of being slaves to what we once were.
  21. We can cry out to Abba Father for help
  22. The Spirit will testify that we are the sons of God
  23. We are heirs. As Christ is gloried we will receive glory.
  24. The suffering we go through he on earth is nothing compared to the rewards we will receive.
  25. Creation wait for us to be revealed as the sons of god
  26. Just as we are set free from the corruption that we had so too will creation be freed from the corruption that came with sin.
  27. All of creation suffers and groans from the fallen nature of the earth
  28. We groan to receive a new body that is freed from the corruption it has now
  29. We have a hope to receive this but tht is not what we should be doing. We should accept this to be true because we can see the future and know the change will come.
  30. The spirit helps us when we are weak.
  31. We still have much to learn about prayer and how and when to do it.
  32. The spirit intercedes with emotions and groans that words cannot express
  33. The spirit searches our hearts and knows what we really need and communicates that to God according to God’s purpose.
  34. God make everything work for good according to his purpose, not what we want. There is a bigger picture that sometimes we cannot see.
  35. He predestined us to be his sons. He calls us and justifies us.
  36. God is always on our side whether we are on our side or not.
  37. If He was willing to give up his own son how could he not give to us.
  38. The only one who can bring a charge against one of the sons of god is Christ. The one who intercedes for us. Therefore he will not bring the charge against a Christian.
  39. No one can separate us from Christ
  40. We can conquer all things as long as we rely o the one who has saved us.

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