All In by Matthew West

First I want to say I was given an advance copy of the cd for an honest review and commentary. Thanks #FlyBy #AllIn.

Hey everyone! How has your week been? Mine has been very interesting with some amazing doors opened for me with some great opportunities. I definitely share more about those in the future but today I want to share about the new Matthew West album All In.

This is an awesome cd. It deals with the fears and problems we deal with in life and overcoming them. If you have followed my writings here and more especially on Facebook you know I have had a hard couple of years. This cd really spoke to me.

The title track reminded me that I need get going again and fully commit to living life. Every single song said something different and special. There is a variety of writing styles and music types on the album too. You certainly won’t get bored.

Matthew wrote his new album All In with the goal of encouraging himself and others to get up off the sidelines of their faith and really live it out – to go all in in your time with God, all in with your family, all in with your community, and all in battling your fears that may hold you back from becoming who God made you to be.

Along that same theme, Matthew will be launching a 6-week All in Challenge on his social media starting 9/18, and each week Matthew will be challenging his fans to go all in in a different part of their lives.

What does it look like when a heart that knows Jesus takes a step and holds nothing back?

How can we go All In in the places that mean the most?

Here is some other media you should check out from Matt:


Be sure and buy a copy of the song on iTunes and Amazon.