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Writing something new

Writing is tough at times. I have three writing projects that I am actively working on and trying to occasionally post to my blog. Now, one may wonder, why three? Well that’s simple… SQUIRRELS! I am easily distracted. I get started on an idea and then there comes another. I have narrowed the focus of … Read more

All In by Matthew West

First I want to say I was given an advance copy of the cd for an honest review and commentary. Thanks #FlyBy #AllIn. Hey everyone! How has your week been? Mine has been very interesting with some amazing doors opened for me with some great opportunities. I definitely share more about those in the future … Read more

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is here again. It is like Black Friday in July. I will be posting links on my page all day. Feel free to click them and order. Here is my main link. Amazon Shoping!

How should we expect forgiveness

  Wilson and Hoffman state, “When we have offended another, we should not solicit their forgiveness. What others do or refuse to do in light of our confession isn’t the point. Our part on the road to reconciliation is simply to confess and repent.” Take a position on this statement Do you agree or disagree … Read more

Things I Don’t Regret

What a topic! Usually one writes about things they do regret but today I am going to write about things I don’t regret. These are in no certain order. Just random things I have thought about lately. I don’t regret getting my religion degrees. Because of the divorce my options for using them has been … Read more

Going Through The Motions

Today it feels like I am just going through the motions writing. Usually I prepare my daily post the evening before but yesterday I was reading and didn’t do it. Look for a review of the book I read on Friday for its launch. I suppose I should look at it all a process but … Read more