New series – Character Audits

For my leadership 510 class at Liberty I have had to take different skill and character audit tests. I will be breaking the paper up into seven posts, one per day. Here is the first.   I think that personal audit testing is an important process that can be used to help someone better understand … Read more

Trusting Leaders – Discussion Board 3

Why do you think it is so hard for people to trust others (in particular, leaders)? Under the best circumstances, how long does it take for people to trust new leaders? What are the variables that you have seen from your own experience that may make this time shorter or longer?   I think that … Read more

Leadership 510 – DB 2

Topic: To which of the five character studies from the Howell readings do you relate most in regard to your own leadership path? How do you most imitate the character, and what do you want to add to your life to emulate this person?   I feel that I relate the most to Joseph. I have … Read more