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Theology Reading List 2019

By Doug / January 20, 2019

Reading lists can be boring. Many of you are wondering why do I need to read another list of books? Well the answer to that is I have chosen books that don’t sound boring at all. This is not a typical theology reading list. It is biblically based but not overly academic. I was looking…

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Travel Essentials – January 2019

By Doug / January 6, 2019

Sharing is caring!Facebook7TwitterPinterest1EmailPrintI have some traveling lined up for this year. I am planning to visit a couple of business conventions to learn new things. Doing travel is always fun and a person needs to always travel with the right things in case of an emergency. I also have certain …

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Falcon Heavy, Go For Launch…

By Doug / February 7, 2018

Wow, oh wow, oh wow! That was spectacular! I am of course talking about the launch of SpaceX Falcon Heavy and the recovery of two of three boosters. The simultaneous landing of the boosters was like watching something out of a blockbuster movie but this was real! It took me …

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A look at allegory, typology, reader response and authorial intent

By Doug / April 20, 2016

Explain the difference between “reader response” and “authorial intent.” Why is the issue of communication important to the discussion of authorial intent? Who controls the meaning in interpretation: the reader or the author? Why is this important? Offer a 1-sentence definition of the following terms: literary meaning, allegory, and typology. …

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How to read the Bible for all its worth

By Doug / April 17, 2016

Contains an Affiliate link   Summary How to read the Bible for all its worth is an interesting book. It has the premise that the authors want to teach the reader how to get the most out of reading the Bible as one can. The book has a long-standing effort …

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40 Responses to Romans 8

By Doug / February 14, 2016

For class this week we had to write down 40 responses to reading Romans 8. Here are my thoughts about what the chapter is saying: .That those that have received Christ are not condemned for their sins any longer. Christ has freed us from the law that says we must …

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Family-Integrated Model of youth program organization

By Doug / January 15, 2014

My assignment was to write whether I agreed with this model based on the information supplied. The Info Supplied: Family-Integrated Model – “Proponents of family-integrated churches believe that ‘there is no scriptural pattern for comprehensive age-segregated discipleship, and that age-segregated practices are based on unbiblical, evolutionary and secular thinking which …

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Character Audit – Conclusion

By Doug / November 23, 2013

Taking these tests have certainly helped me to gain some understanding in my life about situations. I have many areas in life on which I need to work but I am glad I do have strong areas from which to build. Two action items I will be pursuing is the …

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Character Audit 7 – Character

By Doug / November 23, 2013

The Men’s Character Audit[1] was interesting. I scored a 31. This shows that I have good character but still have areas to work on. I did not find out anything new but it is good to be shown areas that I know that need work, still need work. I found …

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Character Audit 6 – Passion

By Doug / November 22, 2013

The Passion Audit[1] on page 193 was another good one. It helps you focus on what is exciting in ministry to you and provides some ideas to help you develop a focus. For me, my passion is working with small groups and teaching. Over the last year I have been …

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