Bucket List – Item 11

The bucket list has been around for a while but it gained a lot of attention when the movie came out in 2007. Since them people have been trying to fulfill their bucket list.

I have never sat down and created a bucket list. Imagine that, a dreamer without one.

So I guess for the 11th item on the nonexistent list I will pick something that will be coming true later this year.

My family is planning a Christmas trip to Disney World. It will be fun.

My wife and I will be going,my parents, ┬ámy sister and her family, My In-Laws, and my wife’s brother and his family. About 15 in all.

I have been referring to it as the Clampets go to Disney.

I have always loved going to Disney World. It is a lot of fun and there is always something cool to do and see.

We have been planning this trip for a couple of years and it is nice to see it come together.

In the comments talk about what is in your bucket list. What do you just have to do before you check out of this world?