Character Audit 1 – Christian Leader

Using Malphurs’ Christian Leader Audit I scored a 10. This makes me a strong Cristian leader[1]. I found this audit to be interesting and clear. There is a purpose behind it of having you remove gray areas from your life but in this I feel the audit fails. The choices for the first three should be yes or no responses you can’t have any middle ground for them. For example, you either are saved or you are not; you follow the Holy Spirit or you don’t; you see the Bible as Truth or you do not there is no middle ground with these.

I did find the audit useful for the last four questions. I work hard at having a godly character. I know what it is like to be slandered and know that maintaining a godly character helps to fend off critics that would impinge upon you good name. I try to keep my motives pure but occasionally catch myself wondering what I might get out of doing stuff.

I work hard to hear the Holy Spirit when I am making decisions. I know that it is one of my personal weaknesses to plunge head-on into a situation and agree to do stuff that might fall outside of what the Holy Spirit has planned for me. I need to listen more carefully and do what is needed.

Servant leadership is the hardest of these leadership principles to follow. As I have stated I am headstrong and tend to go quickly into stuff. Sometimes this leads me to not serve those around me as I could. For example I learned that I need to find a way to minister to my deacons not to expect them to just do work.  I need to help them alleviate strain from their own ministry and help them grow.

As an exercise I learned a few things and that is what these simple audits are intended to do.

[1] Aubrey Malphurs. Being Leaders: The Nature of Authentic Christian Leadership. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2003. 173.

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