Character Audit 2 – Servant Leader

Appendix D asks us to measure our Servant Leadership[1]. I took this test with some trepidation. I know that I am not always the best servant because I have a hard edge to my relationships. I expect many things and when working on projects I can have a tendency to ‘bowl over’ those I work with. Taking this audit I scored a 29 which makes me a strong servant leader. I was honestly surprised I expected to have much more work to do to be considered such. I know that I have much work to do though and that was reflected in the audit.

The area that I showed the most need is in making myself available to others. This doesn’t surprise me because most of the time I prefer to be left alone. I feel bothered to have to care about others. It is not that I don’t care I just don’t want to have to go out of my way to help. I have been working on this. It is all part of being a submitted servant leader for Christ.

One question that took me by surprise was the question of competence. I didn’t think of it being a good servant thing but it clearly is. The question asked if I would step away if my ministry grew beyond my ability. I know that I would. Ministry should present opportunity for a person to grow but occasionally you need to step out of certain roles and let others fill them who are far better trained or suited for the roles.

A question that I enjoyed was the one about taking myself too seriously. I have a dry humor at times and tend to be way too serious. Sometimes just relaxing is hard for me. I need to work on being more comfortable just being around people. This applies to another question as well, the one about using a title I am entitled to use. People who require titles often come across as rather pompous. I am learning to not be that way.

Overall, I learned a lot from this audit and have much to reflect on.

[1] IBID. 180.

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