Character Audit 3 – Credibility

Appendix E calls for us to examine our credibility. In this audit I scored a 16. This means that I have strong credibility[1]. I didn’t think I would have problems with this section but I found two areas of concern neither of which are entirely under my control but relevant none-the-less and need consideration. Overall I did well on credibility, I expected this because I try very hard to be authentic in my leadership; what you see is what you get.

The first area of concern is the question of time in the leadership position. I have been working on being the small group leader for about a year. My work focus has increased over this time and is starting to show results. I know that our small groups are growing and that we are doing a better job of reaching people. However, Malphurs says that it take five years for people to fully trust in you. There is nothing I can do about that except keep working and let time take its course. I do feel however that the leadership above me is confident that I am doing a good job.

The second area of concern is my emotional health. I have depression and am an obsessive-compulsive hand washer – I don’t like to be touched. I take medicine and have the depression under control and work daily to control my compulsions. I do know that this does put some distance between me and people. They may think I dislike them when that is not the case. This is an area I will need to keep working on.

On the positive I know that I have a good skill set to lead people. I have been developing leadership skills since I was in Boy Scouting as a child. I was always given leadership roles and tasks to do to keep growing. Overall, I know that I am a credible person and hope that I can always appear to be such.

[1] Ibid. 182.

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