Character Audit 4 – Spiritual Gifts

I took the Spiritual Gift Inventory on page 184[1]. The results were consistent with other spiritual inventories I have taken. I didn’t have any surprises in this one. My five major gifts are administration, leadership, pastor, teacher, and apostleship.

I have long known that I am good at administration. I have been raised to do this. My family has run a business all my life. I learned to answer the phone “Hello T & L Signs” not “Hello, Triplett residence”. I was put to work doing different jobs in the family business at an early age. Today I run the office for the family.

I have been developing leadership skills since I was young as well. I held different leadership positions in Scouting. I had responsibilities in church – I was in charge of making sure the services were recorded.

Teacher is my strongest area of giftedness. I have trained professionally as a teacher and worked for several years in the teaching field. I hope to return to that at some point. I also taught in Scouting as soon as I was old enough. The role of teacher is an easy one for me. I read the Bible and know ways to explain it (some of being a teacher crosses over to being a pastor).

Pastor is another strong area. I love explaining the Bible to people. I am a good teacher of the Bible (crossover with teaching). I know that pastor pulls together all the skills and giftedness I have talked about above. However I have never felt the call to be a senior pastor. I know that I would make a good teaching pastor.

I wonder about the lessor gifts and why they are not stronger. I know that we each have areas the God wants us to excel at but I feel that lack at time. I have to work my strengths.

[1] IBID. 184.

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