Character Audit 5 – Natural Gifts

I had a huge problem with this audit. I did not feel it was useful. Read on:


The natural Gifts Indicator[1] was a waste of time. There are far better tools to use other than “oh just pick some stuff you like”. I learned nothing from this test. I feel that a more comprehensive look at skills would have been more useful. This test appears to be used for someone that has a lot of life experiences and would not be useful for someone that is just trying to pick their profession.

I picked skills that go along with the ones I already possess. There is nothing to suggest further skills someone might need. Again, I showed strong leaning to leadership skills and positions. Teaching again was strong.

I honestly don’t know what to write about I got so little out of this test. This is a disappointment for me because the other audits and indicators were pretty good.

Malphurs focuses on the vocational and occupational when essentially they are the same thing. A better focus would have been on the skills that person needs to develop.

From other better developed natural skills assessments I know that I have artistic and musical skills. I developed these and have sold art and played professionally.

I know that I have a knack to computers. I own a computer consulting firm. I have developed websites and am a Microsoft partner. I enjoy working on the hardware and software that makes computers usable.

I wish that a more comprehensive skills based approach had been used here. I would love to have known on what level my skills were working and where I could work for improvement.


[1] IBID. 191.

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