Character Audit 6 – Passion

The Passion Audit[1] on page 193 was another good one. It helps you focus on what is exciting in ministry to you and provides some ideas to help you develop a focus.

For me, my passion is working with small groups and teaching. Over the last year I have been slowly moved into the leadership position of the small groups at my church. We are in a transition out of our existing building and I know that small groups will be the key to holding the congregation together as we pursue different areas of ministry. I have helped to get new groups going and have coordinated their needs.

Another area (though related) is teaching. I want my small group leaders to be good teachers therefore it is necessary that I be a good teacher. I try to set a good example with the small group that I lead.

I have preached once.  I felt that I needed to teach while doing so. I tried to make some points that people may not have considered during my sermon. I learned much during this session and am better prepared to teach my sermon the next time.

My spiritual gifts certainly point me in a certain vocational direction. I need to be teaching and leading in the church. I believe that my role is to assume an educational role in the church administration. I believe that this will eventually be a full-time ministry position but at the moment I work in a volunteer position. I look forward to wherever God leads.

I do not feel pulled to a certain geographical location right now. I would love to be able to stay in my hometown but have doubts about that. I figure that I will have to move eventually and that makes me feel uncomfortable because I have never lived anywhere else.

[1] IBID 193

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