Character Audit 7 – Character

The Men’s Character Audit[1] was interesting. I scored a 31. This shows that I have good character but still have areas to work on. I did not find out anything new but it is good to be shown areas that I know that need work, still need work.

I found that I am not very hospitable. I was surprised at this one. I honestly have never really considered how my house might fit into use as a ministry device. Yes I know it all belongs to God but this thought had not crossed my mind. I need to work on this. I don’t know what I will change but I know that I personally need to be more of a welcoming person.

The next area that showed strong need of improvement of being ‘strong-willed’. I know that I am headstrong. I need to continue to learn to submit my will to God and to others under whom he places me. I respect authority but don’t always like it. I need to learn to like serving better.

I feel that I can always improve in all the areas presented here. For example, I am not a lover of money in the essence that I serve God for money but rather the converse. I am tied to money because I have debts that I am having to pay off. Without this debt bondage I and my family would be freer to serve God.

An area that I am constantly working on is to not be arrogant. I like to feel important and get praise. I have to make sure that it doesn’t go to my head.

I also always try to walk with honor. I take seriously the way I am perceived because the first impression many people may have of God is my reflection. I want God to be seen in all the ways in which I conduct my life and in all the actions that I take.

[1] IBID 195.

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