Character Audit – Conclusion

Taking these tests have certainly helped me to gain some understanding in my life about situations. I have many areas in life on which I need to work but I am glad I do have strong areas from which to build. Two action items I will be pursuing is the betterment of myself and bettering my small group ministry.

Personally I need to work on loosing myself. I need to lose my arrogance, my desire, and closed-off stances. I need to learn better to submit to the authority that God places over me and work harder to enjoy these situations. I know that I can be hard to work with and hard to work for but I look forward to becoming a better person. My desires to have attention focused on me and to do the things I want to do need to be turned down. I need to listen better to the Holy Spirit and do the things God would have me to do. I know that I often do things for myself that can be better put to use for God and I need to work on that. I need to be more welcoming to the people that God puts into my life. I have skill with people and can talk to about anyone I want I need to turn that into a God-gift and reach people for God.

Next I need to keep working on my passion that God has given me. Small groups are how the early church met and grew. This is what will help my current church grow and sustain itself from. I have a plan for growth and with God’s help I will be a good leader to these groups and get them to doing more. I believe that I will be teaching more in the future. I know that God has great plans for me to teach and l will be listening for the best way to do so.

I think that audits serve a purpose and are useful. I will use them in the future to help myself grow closer to God and to learn about myself. God has a desire for us to grow and to grow in wisdom. I think that the audits help with this process because they give a personal  starting point in examining their life.

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