A Day in the Life – January 3

A Day in the life

Today I want to write a short post. It is a Day in the life of me as a patient in the physical therapy hospital.

I wake up early here. Breakfast is at 7:30 or so but I usually wake up some time aroun 6 am. I am on a certain menu so I always have a couple of BLTs for breakfast. I usually have a half cup of yogurt too. This is generally the best meal of the day here. The food really sucks.

I take care of some emails and stuff after breakfast and then take a nap until lunch which is at 11:30.

After lunch, in the afternoon, I usually have physical therapy. This is organized with a therapist. I also do exercises all day on my own when the therapist isn’t here. I really want to get out of here.

Supper comes about 5:30.

In the evening I work on websites, writing, and reading. I will be adding school work to my schedule coming up in a couple of weeks which will probably eliminate my morning nap. There are a couple of tv shows I watch such as NCIS. I only watch about three shows.

About 8:30 I get a snack.

Around 10pm I go to sleep.

It all starts again the next morning. Clearly I lead an exciting life! Hahahaha!

What is your day like?