Family Game Night Gift Guide


Family Friendly Games Suitable for Younger Kids (Ages vary):
Laser Maze Junior Board Game (ages 6 and up) – Kids will love this junior version of the award-winning game called Laser Maze! Match your wits against your opponent getting the kid-friendly lasers to bounce off mirrors and targets and solve the maze. Makes kids think and problem solve, as they maneuver lights in this fast-paced and crazy addicting game!
Pop the Pig Game – New and Improved – Belly Busting Fun As You Feed Him Burgers and Watch His Belly Grow (ages 4 and up) – An adorable game that’s great for even your youngest kiddos starting at ages four and up. This suspense building action game lets kids feed the pig hamburgers as they watch his belly grow until it pops! The game can accommodate 2 to 6 players.
Guess Who Game DreamWorks Trolls Edition (ages 5 and up) – Do you enjoy classic games, but still crave a twist with something new? Try your hand at this unique version of the game Guess Who as the trolls
Rooster Race – Educational Family Game, Fun For Kids and Adults 5 Years and Up – Make good predictions and you may have a chance to win at this high and low game of fowl fun. Flip over cards revealing silly chickens and roosters that will keep everyone laughing!
Pie Face Game (ages 5 and up) – Are you up to the challenge to face off against your sibling or parent? This fast paced and often hysterically funny game will have the whole room in laughter before the game ends.
Pictopia – Family Trivia Game: Disney Edition (ages 7 and up) – Alright Disney fans, it’s time to show everyone your skills in this Disney trivia game that’s simply one of the best!
Monkeys Up: Educational Family Game – Fun For Kids and Adults 6 Years and Up – Go bananas playing this switch’em, flip’em, and steal’em game suitable for all ages starting at 6 years or older.
5 Second Rule Junior Board Game (ages 6 and up) – Get ready to laugh it up with this fast paced game that asks you to read and card and answer a question with only 5 seconds to give an answer! Silly answers tend to slip out as everyone gets a good laugh.

Game shown in picture is Ticket To Ride.
Family Friendly Games in the $10-$30 Range: (prices subject to change)
7 Wonders – Enjoy being one of the leaders of the 7 amazing cities of the Ancient World! Use your commanding military skills, gather needed resources, create a city, and build an architectural wonder throughout game play. Make the most of this fairly fast game time of only 30 minutes on average.
(Parent’s Choice Recommended Board Game) – This Parent’s Choice recommended board game has lots to offer! Designed with ages 8 and up in mind, this game is set up to be both strategic and competitive in nature. Players build a maze of tunnels through the mine while dealing with greedy miners and encountering things like gold, bats, and secret passages!
Ravensburger Labyrinth – Excitement abounds as you work with maze cards, treasure cards, and playing pawns while moving walls and opening passage ways through the Labyrinth.
Ticket To Ride – Jump on board the railroad to success! Choose the right paths to take your trains along and cover as many routes as you can across the country to gain points.
Splendor – Collect jewel cards of various colors and follow one of many different strategies to gain the most victory points and be the first to win.
Dominion: 2nd Edition Board Game – Race against other monarchs to gain dominion over the unclaimed lands. You’ll be erecting buildings, enhancing your own castle, gathering treasure and hiring minions to ward off other monarchs in the way. Fast game play lasts around 30 minutes.
Flash Point Fire Rescue 2nd Edition – Great gift idea for firefighters and rescue workers who risk their lives each day to save others. This cooperative game pits you against the fire as you race to save the trapped people from the building before the fire causes it to collapse. Kids may enjoy playing the role of the rescue dog as their choice of character in the game.
Pandemic Board Game – Save mankind from being wiped out by disease as you work together in this popular, cooperative style board game. Each player has a different character with specific strengths that you must play upon to save the world together. Playing time is around 60 minutes.
Spontuneous: The Song Game – Sing It or Shout It – Talent NOT Required (Best Family/Party Board Game for Kids, Teens, Adults, Boys and Girls Ages 8 and Up)Awards and recommendations abound for this wonderful game that music teachers love! Simple and effective at getting any party started, this game offers a word and players just need to think of any song that pops into their head that contains that word – then sing it out. Fun for the whole family!
SET: The Family Game of Visual Perception – Wow! This game was the winner of over 35 different game awards! Try to collect the most sets of 3 cards with color, shape, number or shading factors either all the same or all different. That can be tougher than it sounds when each card is unique in its features of color, shape, number and shading. Challenging and educational, this game entertains at any age starting at 6 years and up.

Game shown in picture is Catan.
Family Friendly Games Over $30 & Worth Every Penny: (prices subject to change)
Zooloretto Board Game – Here’s a game with lots of animals from the zoo to help get the kids excited about playing with you. Zooloretto is easy to learn, and is not overly lengthy in game time.
Shadows Over Camelot – Cooperative games are always a winner in the family environment. Shadows Over Camelot gives the whole family a chance to work together or grab your friends and work as a team in this delightfully fun cooperative strategy game.
Catan 5th Edition – A fantastic strategy game great for larger families or when inviting friends over for a game night and you need to accommodate larger numbers of players.
Catan: Seafarers – This is just one of many various Catan game expansions that are both exciting and enjoyable. Dare to explore the seas, gather resources, develop sea lanes, and make settlements as you run into various challenges only seafaring travelers can take. Will you be lucky enough to discover one of the valued gold fields? You will need the Catan original game in order to use this expansion.
Catan: Explorers & Pirates Expansion 5th Edition – This is an expansion of the game Catan and requires Catan in order to play it. Expand your horizons as you set sail and experience five different scenarios while sailing the seas and discovering islands to build settlements upon.
Catan: Cities & Knights Expansion – Strive to excel in trading with coin, paper, and cloth as you compete to build one of three great metropolis cities in Catan. Game expansion only and requires the original Catan game (AKA – Settlers of Catan) in order to play.
Catan: Traders & Barbarians Expansion 5th Edition – Lots of new elements to combine and create a compelling game! Fisherman love having lakes and rivers to explore, Knights prepared to fight Barbarians, and Nomads looking to trade for wool or grains keep the action going with around 90 minutes of playing time for 3-4 players.
Boxcars Board Game  – Train lovers rejoice! A game that will entertain and inform with details about old time railroading and travel for close to 90 minutes of playing time per game! This game helped introduce and launch the era of train games that soon followed.
Agricola Family Edition Game – Any farmers ready to tackle this unique strategy game of survival growing crops and raising farm animals? Expand your family and get their help to propel you ahead of the rest.
Magic Cabin Marble Challenge Carpet – Remember marbles growing up? Take a chance playing this fun carpet version that assists with guides to line up your shots and allows the whole family to take a turn.
HearthSong Golf Pool Indoor Game, Carbon Fiber Green 78”L x 37”W – Make a statement with this large floor version of an indoor Pool game! Invite others to play alongside of you and see the stress of the day just melt away.
Spin Master Games – Escape Room The Game – Ready to tackle one of the hottest games around right now? This game was voted as a runner up for Game of the Year!
Lot’s of great gaming options aren’t there? This is a very good year to start a new tradition with your family! Don’t you think family game nights should be a regular activity on every family’s monthly schedule? Whatever you choose to have at your future game nights, there’s sure to be smiles included with the games from this list. Have a blast and be sure to share with me in the comments which ones you end up trying. Happy Gaming!