Going Through The Motions

Today it feels like I am just going through the motions writing. Usually I prepare my daily post the evening before but yesterday I was reading and didn’t do it. Look for a review of the book I read on Friday for its launch. I suppose I should look at it all a process but I want to be dedicated to the process of writing for my blog.

There seems to be a recurring theme with going through the process in people’s lives. Why do we do this? Why just jpg through the motions? I think that this ┬áis a problem that needs to be addressed. I have been guilty of not being dedicated to my things. What things are these? Well lots.

I have been guilty of just getting by in life. I feel like for the last few years I am just coasting by. I have been out of work for a couple of years. I have applied for many many jobs. I have been turned down for most of these. I am a techie geek but for some reason I couldn’t get a job with Att to sell cell phones. I just don’t get it. I don’t know what has held me back, though I have suspicions that really I must keep to myself for now.

I am excited about what my new year is holding. I am working hard trying to get ahead. I am showing dedication to my writing and am excited about it. I haven’t done this much writing in a while and my level of writing will increase in a week as I start up my classes again. Wrapping up my Masters of Christian Education will be a lot of fun and challenging. I am doing a couple of classes that will challenge me to the limits of my ability and am excited about that. I am also starting a couple of education classes. Am most excited for the computer education class I have planned.

I am going to be working to capitalize on these classes. I want to turn all my class assignments into writing on this blog. I an expecting to make money from these writings. I am dedicated to capitalization of my blog and ideas. If I am going to do something it is worth making money with it.

i think this year I will break out of the blah pattern I have been stuck in for a while. Changes have been forced upon me and I am embracing change. All in all an exciting year is coming.

Where have you been stuck just going through the motions? Has it been a job or maybe your prayer life? Let me know in the comments and how you plan to change this process this year.