Leadership 510 – DB 2

Topic: To which of the five character studies from the Howell readings do you relate most in regard to your own leadership path? How do you most imitate the character, and what do you want to add to your life to emulate this person?


I feel that I relate the most to Joseph. I have had the opportunity to lead in a variety of environments and to grow in those areas. I have also had leadership taken away for no good reason as well.

For example while in college I, like so many, was a member of a fraternity. Our Fraternity was needing to increase the good relations between the alumni and the active members. TO facilitate this I took on the job of social chairman. I quickly saw that the best way to do this job was to put on good tailgate events for the home football games. SO I did. The alumni were quite happy and donations increased.

A smaller part of the social chair was to have social mixers each week with various sororities. I arranged for each of these per week and fun was had by all. The big problem was our chapter president was a big drinker. I don’t drink and never had so alcohol consumption was never an emphasis for my social events (after all how much fun is it to NOT remember the night before). So he decided to take my job from me. The person he gave it to never did anything the following semester and the alumni were not happy.

So I can relate well with Josephs rise and fall in Potiphar’s house. I rose high, did well, and for bad reasons had my responsibility taken from me.

To make me more like Joseph I need to continue to develop patience. I am going through changes in my job situation right now (my family business is going to be closing very soon). At 42 years old I find it frustrating to have to be starting over again. However on that note the starting over was coming anyway since I plan to pursue full-time ministry once I have finished my degree. Patience has got to come to make the change bearable.

Also I need to focus more on God’s wisdom and timing. I feel like I have no control right now but I have to keep reminding myself that God is in control. My timing is not God’s and how can I know the plans He has for me. No these do not follow mine but then seldom do my plans work out.

Finally I need to grasp God’s vision for my life. I have to learn to roll with the curves I am thrown and rely more on God. I can’t see the vision that He has for me but I have faith that all things will work out