Life as an open book

What would happen if you could read your life’s story? What if destiny was an open book for you? Would you dare read?

You would see all the good and all the bad you would do in your life. What would the result be? Could you dare to change it?

I know that in this life I will never get that chance but I know that eventually this will happen at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

When I am Judged by He who made me, all will be revealed. I know that in that moment I will feel shame and elation. Shame from all the bad I did and the missed chances. Elation from the good.

Many are afraid of that moment. I however am not. I stand secure in my faith. As a Christian I know that I am going to be found wanting but given reprieve through Jesus’ grace and mercy.

I hope you are prepared for this moment. Do you face it with dread? Make peace with the Savior of the universe and know that you are ready.

Comment back, are you ready for the reading of your life’s book? Do you need to get prepared? I will help if I can.