New series – Character Audits

For my leadership 510 class at Liberty I have had to take different skill and character audit tests.

I will be breaking the paper up into seven posts, one per day. Here is the first.


I think that personal audit testing is an important process that can be used to help someone better understand themselves. Self-analysis can be a very hard process. Using prepared tests give and area to focus on and applies the depth need to get to real answers.

In this paper I will take the following audits and tests:

  1. Christian Leader
  2. Servant Leader
  3. Credibility
  4. Spiritual Gifts
  5. Natural Gifts
  6. Passion
  7. Character Audit for men

I hope to gain personal insight for growth. I hope to find areas that I can improve spiritually. I also hope to see areas I am doing good in.

I am a little skeptical however of the tests. Sometimes these tests take the easy way out and do not have any depth to them. I will certainly be telling if I feel the test is lacking in scope or depth.

Overall I just look forward to the insight I will gain form these tests.

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