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Doug Triplett


I am an educator first and foremost. I have extensive training and experience in many fields. Explore my site and see if I can provide the best solution for you.

I am a Professional Educator driven by creative ideas.

I love to educate people. I have been a teacher all my life. From Boy Scouts to public school to post-graduate, I've done it all. Now I run my own businesses helping customers get good websites and learn how to profit from the web.

I have a bachelor's degree in English and Social Studies Education. I have two masters degrees in Discipleship and Christian education.

I was an early adopter of WordPress. I used it as a learning management system before there were plugins for this.

Dedicated Conference Speaker

I am an experienced conference speaker on several topics. Listed below are some areas I speak about. 

I have presented at the National Writing Project Conference twice.

I have also spoken at many WordCamps.







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Going Through The Motions

Today it feels like I am just going through the motions writing. Usually I prepare my daily post the evening before but yesterday I was reading and didn’t do it. Look for a review of the book I read on Friday for its launch. I suppose I should look at it all a process but … Read more

Wanting To Write A Book

I have wanted to write a book for a long time. I just haven’t done it. I don’t know why. I have the writing skills and the editing skills to do it but every time I start I seem to get distracted. I have an English degree but that doesn’t make me any more likely … Read more

Stupid People and Airplane Attacks

Well it has happened again. A nut job has shot up an airport. It looks like the media is going to call for more gun restrictions. I feel bad for the people that were shot and especially for those that died but more gun control isn’t the answer. Airport security is very high since 9/11. … Read more

Travel Essentials – January 2017

I have some traveling lined up for this year. I am planning to,go to several business conventions both to learn new things and to sell my products. Doing travel is always fun and a person needs to always travel with the right things in case of an emergency. I also have certain gadgets I travel … Read more

Gencon – First Post

This is the first of several posts I am going to make about Gencon. I am planning to go this year for the first time. I usually try to go to Origins in Columbus because the hotels are much cheaper but this year is the 50th anniversary of Gencon so it should be special. For … Read more

Favorite Products – January 2017

Cool products are all the rage today. I’m no different than others. I like neat gadgets. On the plus side I am great with technology so it is something that many people ask me about before they buy something new. I love to make recommendations and teach people about new technology. In today’s article I’m … Read more

A Day in the Life – January 3

Today I want to write a short post. It is a Day in the life of me as a patient in the physical therapy hospital. I wake up early here. Breakfast is at 7:30 or so but I usually wake up some time aroun 6 am. I am on a certain menu so I always … Read more

What Makes Me Happy – 2017

While thinking about what to write about today I decided that I would write about what makes my happy. After all don’t we all deserve to be happy? Not really. The Bible doesn’t promise happiness this side of Glory. But I also don’t think that God has plans for each of us to suffer all … Read more

10 things you need to know about me!

Welcome! This is the start of a new posting period on my blog. I have a game plan to post on something everyday this year to get into a writing rhythm. I hope you enjoy this journey I know I am. Our first topic up for consideration is learning about me. Why me? Well this … Read more

Welcome 2017

Well it is a new year. I am excited to all it holds. 2016 has been a tough year for me. I broke my leg in May and have been in the physical therapy hospital ever since. Recently, the state cut me off from physical therapy, essentially condemning me to being bedfast the rest of … Read more

Some classroom videos I've done.

My Experience


Here is a summary of my experience and qualifications.

My Education
Doctoral Degree: Christian Education

Begins 2018

Master Degree: Christian Education

Liberty University

Master Degree: Discipleship

Liberty University

Bachelor Degree: English and Social Studies Education

Marshall University

Multiple Business Owner

Triplett Industrial - Sign Industry

Triplett LTD. - Direct Sales

Elkhound Media - Website Development and Hosting

WarpGate BBS - Internet Service Provider

BlogCamp Conference - Blogging and Creatives Conference


Cabell County Schools

MountWest Community College

Marshall University


National Writing Project, national conference

WordCamp - Columbus

Websites I Manage
Awe Filled Homemaker

Initial design and backend maintenance. current front end by Alex.

Budgeting the Fun Stuff

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