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Doug Triplett


I am an educator first and foremost. I have extensive training and experience in many fields. Explore my site and see if I can provide the best solution for you.

I am a Professional Educator driven by creative ideas.

I love to educate people. I have been a teacher all my life. From Boy Scouts to public school to post-graduate, I've done it all. Now I run my own businesses helping customers get good websites and learn how to profit from the web.

I have a bachelor's degree in English and Social Studies Education. I have two masters degrees in Discipleship and Christian education.

I was an early adopter of WordPress. I used it as a learning management system before there were plugins for this.

Dedicated Conference Speaker

I am an experienced conference speaker on several topics. Listed below are some areas I speak about. 

I have presented at the National Writing Project Conference twice.

I have also spoken at many WordCamps.







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New Years Resolutions 2017

Well it is the first of the year and time to list some new resolutions. I am not a huge fan of doing resolutions but I am going to do some for fun. First, I plan to do a lot more writing this year for fun and profit. I have some big writing goals and … Read more


I wanted to write up a recommendation for the new book Wraithkin.   [amazon_link asins=’B01N0RGYZS,194293629X’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’Stritheo-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’fa692380-c3b5-11e6-93d1-4d02c51fb2b2′]   The book is a good bit of sci-fi. It is has military and political intrigue. It is a good read. There are tones that link to Heinleins Starship Troopers. Well worth the time to read … Read more

Family Game Night Gift Guide

  Family Friendly Games Suitable for Younger Kids (Ages vary): Laser Maze Junior Board Game (ages 6 and up) – Kids will love this junior version of the award-winning game called Laser Maze! Match your wits against your opponent getting the kid-friendly lasers to bounce off mirrors and targets and solve the maze. Makes kids … Read more

Your Best Life Ever

Your Best Life Ever: 7 Keys To Maximizing Your Potential and Enjoying Everyday Life Pedro Okoro – Award Winning Author Author of “The Ultimate Guide To Spiritual Warfare” and “Crushing the Devil” Book Launch – Tuesday, November 15 You’ve not YET danced your best dance. You’ve got to realize that your best life is … Read more

Hospital Time

Well it has been a while since I posted. I told everyone I would,have a big research paper post back in May.   Things didn’t work out that way. I fell and broke my leg. I have been in a rehabilitation hospital doing physical therapy every since. I still have about a month to go … Read more

Later this week!

Look for a major new post later this week.  I am going to be finishing up a huge research paper and I will post it here when it is done.

A look at allegory, typology, reader response and authorial intent

Explain the difference between “reader response” and “authorial intent.” Why is the issue of communication important to the discussion of authorial intent? Who controls the meaning in interpretation: the reader or the author? Why is this important? Offer a 1-sentence definition of the following terms: literary meaning, allegory, and typology. What is the major difference … Read more

An affiliate program experiment

I just got a new plugin to help with working with Amazon. I just got a new book that I am going to be studying. It is the newest version of InDesign in the Classroom from Adobe. I have used this series before with Illustrator and am excited to learn this new program. I plan to … Read more

How to read the Bible for all its worth

Contains an Affiliate link   Summary How to read the Bible for all its worth is an interesting book. It has the premise that the authors want to teach the reader how to get the most out of reading the Bible as one can. The book has a long-standing effort on these parts and has … Read more

40 Responses to Romans 8

For class this week we had to write down 40 responses to reading Romans 8. Here are my thoughts about what the chapter is saying: .That those that have received Christ are not condemned for their sins any longer. Christ has freed us from the law that says we must die for sin There was … Read more

Some classroom videos I've done.

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Doctoral Degree: Christian Education

Begins 2018

Master Degree: Christian Education

Liberty University

Master Degree: Discipleship

Liberty University

Bachelor Degree: English and Social Studies Education

Marshall University

Multiple Business Owner

Triplett Industrial - Sign Industry

Triplett LTD. - Direct Sales

Elkhound Media - Website Development and Hosting

WarpGate BBS - Internet Service Provider

BlogCamp Conference - Blogging and Creatives Conference


Cabell County Schools

MountWest Community College

Marshall University


National Writing Project, national conference

WordCamp - Columbus

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