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I am an educator first and foremost. I have extensive training and experience in many fields. Explore my site and see if I can provide the best solution for you.

Professional Educator

I love to educate people. I have been a teacher all my life. From Boy Scouts to public school to post-graduate, I've done it all. Now I run my own businesses helping customers get good websites and learn how to profit from the web.

I have a bachelor's degree in English and Social Studies Education. I have two masters degrees in Discipleship and Christian education.

I was an early adopter of WordPress. I used it as a learning management system before there were plugins for this.

Dedicated Speaker

I am an experienced conference speaker on several topics. Listed below are some areas I speak about. 

I have presented at the National Writing Project Conference twice.

I have also spoken at many WordCamps.

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Character Audit 2 – Servant Leader

Character Audit 2 – Servant Leader

Appendix D asks us to measure our Servant Leadership[1]. I took this test with some trepidation. I know that I am not always the best servant because I have a hard edge to my relationships. I expect many things and when working on projects I can have a tendency to ‘bowl over’ those I work … Read more

Character Audit 1 – Christian Leader

Character Audit 1 – Christian Leader

Using Malphurs’ Christian Leader Audit I scored a 10. This makes me a strong Cristian leader[1]. I found this audit to be interesting and clear. There is a purpose behind it of having you remove gray areas from your life but in this I feel the audit fails. The choices for the first three should … Read more

New series – Character Audits

New series – Character Audits

For my leadership 510 class at Liberty I have had to take different skill and character audit tests. I will be breaking the paper up into seven posts, one per day. Here is the first.   I think that personal audit testing is an important process that can be used to help someone better understand … Read more

Trusting Leaders – Discussion Board 3

Trusting Leaders – Discussion Board 3

Why do you think it is so hard for people to trust others (in particular, leaders)? Under the best circumstances, how long does it take for people to trust new leaders? What are the variables that you have seen from your own experience that may make this time shorter or longer?   I think that … Read more

OSU Band performance

OSU Band performance

OSU Marching Band Performs a Half-Time Show You Gotta SEE To Believe from joylights on GodTube.

Leadership 510 – DB 2

Leadership 510 – DB 2

Topic: To which of the five character studies from the Howell readings do you relate most in regard to your own leadership path? How do you most imitate the character, and what do you want to add to your life to emulate this person?   I feel that I relate the most to Joseph. I have … Read more



Welcome to my website. We recently changed servers. I hope you pardon the dust as we make a few changes.

Some classroom videos I've done.

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Here is a summary of my experience and qualifications.

My Education
Doctoral Degree: Christian Education

Begins 2018

Master Degree: Christian Education

Liberty University

Master Degree: Discipleship

Liberty University

Bachelor Degree: English and Social Studies Education

Marshall University

Multiple Business Owner

Triplett Industrial - Sign Industry

Triplett LTD. - Direct Sales

Elkhound Media - Website Development and Hosting

WarpGate BBS - Internet Service Provider

BlogCamp Conference - Blogging and Creatives Conference


Cabell County Schools

MountWest Community College

Marshall University


National Writing Project, national conference

WordCamp - Columbus

Websites I Manage
Awe Filled Homemaker

Initial design and backend maintenance. current front end by Alex.

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