Doug Triplett’s Professional Portfolio Summary

Hello! I am Doug Triplett or as you would see from my email header, the Superhero in Training!

I am a long-time educator and technologist. I have been using the Internet since 1990 before there was the web.

I have degrees in English and Social Studies Education (Bachelors) from Marshall University and Masters degrees in Church Discipleship and Christian Education from Liberty University. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction TechnologyEmphasis at Houston Baptist University. I plan to eventually get a doctorate.

I have much experience in the corporate world. I have owned several successful businesses.

Welcome and feel free to contact me if I can help you!

 My education philosophy: I love using technology to enhance all areas of instruction. As life becomes more tech-centered educators must show students the best practices for learning with tech. We also have to be ready and willing to learn from our students.


Texas Standards

Master Technology Teacher

Standard I:  The Master Technology Teacher effectively models and applies classroom teaching methodology and curriculum models that promote active student learning through the integration of technology and addresses the varied learning needs of all students.

Standard II: The Master Technology Teacher selects and administers appropriate technology-related assessments on an ongoing basis and uses the results to design and improve instruction.

Standard III: The Master Technology Teacher applies knowledge of digital learning competencies including Internet research, graphics, animation, website mastering and video technology.

Standard IV: The Master Technology Teacher serves as a resource regarding the integration of assistive technologies and accessible design concepts to meet the needs of all students.

Standard V: The Master Technology Teacher facilitates appropriate, research-based technology instruction by communicating and collaborating with educational stakeholders; mentoring, coaching and consulting with colleagues; providing professional development opportunities for faculty; and making decisions based on converging evidence from research.

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