Stupid People and Airplane Attacks

Airplane gun

Well it has happened again. A nut job has shot up an airport. It looks like the media is going to call for more gun restrictions. I feel bad for the people that were shot and especially for those that died but more gun control isn’t the answer.

Airport security is very high since 9/11. In some ways this is good but it feels like we have gone nuts with restrictions. How can having a bottle of water be a threat to an airplane. I am sure that they are concerned about liquid explosives but the 1 oz. containers that are allowed are enough if mixed to blow a plane out of the sky. The same concepts have it so you can’t take a nail clipper on a plane, who is afraid of a nail clipper.

Well it looks as though this nut job in Fr. Lauderdale used a gun he had in his checked baggage to shoot up a baggage claim area. Too bad someone didn’t have their own weapon to shoot back. The only good terrorist is a dead one. And even though it is sounding like this guy had mental issues he should be considered a terroist because of his actions which were to wound and scare people.

This is the first case in America of a gunman using a checked weapon to shoot up an airport. Some will be calling for a total ban on air travel with checked weapons. This is silly. If a person wants to trave with a checked weapon they should be able too. The alternative is to ship it and do an FFL check. That is dumb since you already lawfully own the gun. But inconvenience is a way of life for liberals.

i have never traveled with a gun before. I don’t have a CC liscense either. I am a firm believer in open carry. Constitutional carry is even better. Gun free zones lead to shooting galleries all over the country. Screwed up people choose to shoot up,gun free zones because they know that unless a cop is there, no one can shoot back.

I feel that gun free zones should be done away with. I applaud those school systems that allow trained personnel to carry weapons. Those schools will not be victims of school shootings. The crazies will go elsewhere.

Gun control laws need changed too. Hopefully national recipricocity will be passed so that you can carry a weapon in crazy states such as New Jersey and New York . In Jersey it is illegal to move a gun from your house to your parents house without a permit. Why is that? A criminal,bent on harmisnt going to get a permit. All these gun restrictions do,is cause headaches for law abiding citizens.

What are your thoughts on gun control. Fire away!