Teacher’s Pet

I didn’t start out as a teacher’s pet, early on I was a teacher’s pest.

In second grade I was quite the hellion because I could get away with it. I had a cohort in crime – Heather Coburn. We were always doing something to Mrs. Ray. Mostly because we would finish our work early and were bored. At least that is what I have been told. Since it was second grade my memories are a bit vague. I do remember enjoying the year.

My mom said I got quite the reputation that year.  I dunno. Maybe it was deserved, maybe not. but that all changed when I reached third grade.

Third grade was a time of change. Heather and I were separated for the first time. So we didn’t have each other to get in trouble with. I got the better end of that deal. I got placed in Mrs. Childers class; Heather got the abomination Mrs. Martin.

Mrs. Childers didn’t put up with my nonsense. As a matter of fact, she was the first teacher to ever spank me. I was putting a book back on the reading shelf when I wasn’t to be out of my seat (remember the finishing work early issue from 2nd grade) and was caught. She made me come to the front of the room and explain myself, told me that wasn’t a good enough reason, and gave me a couple of licks with her paddle.

I of course was offended. But it got the point across. I obeyed from then on. I had always been a compliant child – I just needed my boundaries readjusted.

Things changed that year. I became her favorite pupil. When she went on trips and stuff she would often bring me a trinket back and always wanted me to look at her photos.

I can’t remember everything that happened that happened that year but I know that it was a good year.