Things I Don’t Regret

What a topic! Usually one writes about things they do regret but today I am going to write about things I don’t regret. These are in no certain order. Just random things I have thought about lately.

I don’t regret getting my religion degrees. Because of the divorce my options for using them has been limited but the time I have spent learning Gods Word has had many benefits in my life. I have grown closer to God through this process. That is a good thing. I am excited to be finishing my last degree in religion and to be finished with it.

Sorry, I can’t continue this topic. I just got a call from my dad. Apparently my wife tried to have divorce papers delivered to my parents house instead of here at the physical therapy hospital I am in. This really upset my mom. I don’t know what my wife is thinking. She knows I am here. Wierd.

i was going to say a lot but I’ll keep my mouth shut. I’ll get the papers tomorrow when the server brings them to me. At least I won’t have to pay the filing fee now.