Travel Essentials – January 2017

Essential gadgets

I have some traveling lined up for this year. I am planning to,go to several business conventions both to learn new things and to sell my products. Doing travel is always fun and a person needs to always travel with the right things in case of an emergency. I also have certain gadgets I travel with simply because they are fun and useful. So I thought that today I would write about some of the essential things that I always travel with.

A good travel bag is essential. I like my Timbuktu travel briefcase. It holds a lot of stuff and has both a hand carry handle and an over the shoulder option. I like that it is rugged and it has a whole lot of trips on it now. I certainly hope it never dies on me. The blue bag below is the one I actually use.

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In my travel bag I carry a bunch of gadgets. These change occasionally but some are mainstays. Here are a few of them:

I always travel with a Gerber multi tool. This is simply because you never know when one will come in handy to repair something.

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I also always carry at least one good flashlight. I usually carry a maglight and a surefire. They are both very rugged. The full size maglight is my goto light but I like the surefire because it is bright, has a self defense prong on the lense, and fits on my belt.

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As I mentioned above I spend some time concerned about self defense. I don’t conceal carry because most of the conventions I go to ban weapons (hence the flashlight). But in my room I like to have a knife or two. I usually carry a fixed blade knife and a folding Buck knife. I’ve never had to use them other than opening stuff but it is good to have options.

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For fun I take a few tech gadgets. I am always reading so I throw my Kindle Paperwhite in my bag. The battery life is superb and the e-ink screen is great outdoors and in bright light situations. If you don’t have a Kindle I highly recommend getting one.

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For fun and access to videos on TV I bring along a Fire Stick from Amazon. These plug into the HDMI slots on the room tv and allow you to watch your Prime videos and access Netflix.

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The last gadget I want to share about that is becoming more and more important to the tech savvy traveler is a travel router. What these do is allow all your devices to connect to the wireless of the hotel and be shrouded behind a protected firewall. The router is configured to connect to the hotel wireless and then your deci es connect to it. This can be important in hotels that charge per device and those that limit the number of connected devices in a room. This provides a slick workaround for these restrictions. Remember with a router you really do get what you pay for.

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The last thing I like to travel with in gear pack is a good journal. I never know when the urge to rewrite will strike so I love having one with me.

What are you essential travel,tools and gadgets? Let me know!