Welcome 2017

New year 2017 graphic

Well it is a new year. I am excited to all it holds.

2016 has been a tough year for me.

I broke my leg in May and have been in the physical therapy hospital ever since. Recently, the state cut me off from physical therapy, essentially condemning me to being bedfast the rest of my life. This is unacceptable. I am working out on my own and working hard to get back on my feet. I am going to get out of this hospital and move on with my life.

Also creating a burden for me this past year was being abandoned by my wife. I won’t say a lot about it because I don’t want anything I say to be used against me in the divorce. But I am sad and disappointed. I didn’t deserve to find out she was leaving in an email. At least she should have faced me. Then to treat my mom poorly sucked too. At least separating the stuff at the house was easy, she took everything she wanted when she moved out and back to her parents. All the wedding gifts were taken. Makes me wonder what she wants with all the reminders.

I lost my beloved pet, Scrappy, this year. The same week my wife abandoned me. I had to have him out down because he was really sick. He had been for a while but I didn’t know how bad he had gotten. What hurts the most about this is that I never got to say goodbye to him. My wife was supposed to bring him to see me here at the hospital but never did. I miss him a lot. He was a Norwegian Elkhound. They are beautiful and smart dogs. I hope to get another sometime once I’m back on my feet.

An interesting side effect of being laid up all these months is that I am flat broke. My wife cut me off from all money when she left. It is a good thing I have my mom and dad. They have helped keep me going this year. I have been able to help a couple of people with their computers and that paid a little bit.

Another hard loss was loosing my church. I was deeply betrayed by the leadership of all the so called leaders there, both pastor and deacons. I was the small groups and discipleship pastor there and loved doing it even though I was not on paid staff. When my wife left me I found out that thing she had been going on behind my back that led to me not getting at least two pastoral jobs that paid really well. Also, when she abandoned me the church chose to allow her to continue to attend church in her leadership position while I was told I would be under church discipline and was stripped of my responsibilities. I regret that all the time I put in was for nothing. It would have been nice if the Bible would have been followed in these situations but it wasn’t.

I have been unhealthy and unable to find a full time job that would work around my health issues. I am doing much better now and hope to move to Tennessee in 2017 and make a new start. I am looking at Nashville and feel I’ll have great opportunities there. I want to be able to teach at the college level and I have the degrees to do this. I have to pursue this path since my calling to the pastorate is basically destroyed because my wife left me. This basically means my Master degrees in religion and Christian education are useless. Perhaps that was the plan, leave me with no way to support myself.

That said, I expect great things from 2017.

First up I will be finishing my degree in Christian education. I only have two classes left so I need to finish this degree for me. I realize that because I will be divorced from my wife soon my ministry chances are few, I hope to  find a teaching position. I will also be starting degree work that will roll into a doctorate. This will be in curriculum and instruction and online education. This is in a traditional education path not from a religious perspective so I will have many doors opened because of this. I am on scholarship for this program so far so I am excited about this.

I am also going to be working on doing computer, blogging, and phone app consulting. I don’t have this business going yet but I am laying the groundwork. There is a lot of potential here and I hope to make some good money. I love doing this type of work. It combines my passions for computing and teaching.

I am going to be attending several conferences and conventions this year. It is time for personal growth and development. I am going to blogging conferences in Myrtle Beach and Orlando .

My most exciting trip is going to be to GenCon 50. This is in Indianapolis in August. I am going with a good friend. He and I love games and look forward to playing lots of new stuff. I am going to be doing a lot of game reviews on my blog that is something for you to look forward to this coming year. I’ll probably avoid traditional games and focus on brand new things.

I plan to do a lot more writing this year. Maybe I’ll actually make some headway on my book. But my goal is to do a daily post on my blog. This will be an adventure and help improve my writing.

the last thing I am excited for is Lauramae and I are going to be hosting a blogging conference. We are so excited about this. We have some excellent speakers lined up. I’ll be posting more about this as we approach the conference.

What are you excited about for the new year? Lets hear in the comments.