Why Blog

I’ve been asked why I want to blog. Well, there are a bunch of reasons. I’ll make a list and comment on them.

  1. My sister has been a serious blogger for a couple of years now. I have seen her writing improve over time. As a writer and English teacher I know that writing more often keeps improving your skills so I want to improve mine.
  2. I am doing a blog instead of a personal journal because I like to get feedback from what I write. With a blog I get the immediacy I want. NO sense letting my writing wait to be read till after I am dead.
  3. I’ll be writing about a lot of topics. I fully expect to make some people angry. That is good. I certainly won’t be politically correct.
  4. IF I can connect with an audience that loves to respond that would be great. My sister does a lot of stuff with Pinterest I have to learn to do it as well.

Once I make it through the year I hope I have accomplished an average of a post per day. I know that this is going to take some effort from me. With writing project I have a tendency to start and not finish.

I have started this blog several times over the year. Oh well, I have confidence this time will be different.