Writing something new

Writing is tough at times. I have three writing projects that I am actively working on and trying to occasionally post to my blog. Now, one may wonder, why three? Well that’s simple… SQUIRRELS! I am easily distracted. I get started on an idea and then there comes another. I have narrowed the focus of one writing project and have decided it is more suited for a short story than anything else at the moment.

I have been trying to think of ways to progress my work and get closer to actually finishing one of these.i am going to try a new tool starting next month. I am going to use a voice recorder to hold my ideas versus putting them down on paper or typing everything at once. As every writer knows, ideas are simple, we never are lacking for things to write it is the focus to follow it up that is the problem. I am hoping that by using the recorder I will not chase so many rainbows and I can look at these snippets for good ideas to actually use.

My writing training has always taught me to trust the process. That’s isn’t easy when it has been so long since you published much. I am thinking of going back and revising some older works to put on the website. While not as productive as creating new stuff it will help me get my mind back into the groove.

I am also going to do some formula writing to get the juices flowing. I recently found an excellent formatting plugin for doing book reviews. I am planning to install it and begin doing my book reviews with it.

Along these line I am also going to be developing a wiki for a friend based on his universe. This will be very challenging. I will analyzing all his books and rewriting and linking topics in the voice of one of the main characters. This will help me with character development of my own stuff.

as I mentioned in my last post I would like to publish this year. I hope to do at least one short story and one novel. The short story will,be a science fiction story. The novel will most likely be religious fantasy. I think I need more time to develop my modern folklore fantasy novel.

My overall challenge is that, while I want to tell an exciting and engaging tale, I want it to teach a moral story without being preachy. I know, I know, but Doug you are a preacher. Yes, and so was Jesus and he told great stories.

I will keep you all in the loop as my stories progress. I am excited about doing this and I have wanted to do the writing for a long time. For some reason though, I feel like this is my time, this is when I will accomplish these goals.